This month’s Vogue (June) has a very pretty looking Kate Moss on the cover and a feature by Yours Truly about Summer, which I really loved writing. Not a beauty product in sight, just lots of books, a bit of music, and some happy memories.  I’ve picked out a few of the books I mentioned in the article and attempted to link them to fragrances that also make me think of summer.  Here goes..




“I think some people wait forever and only at the end of their lives do they realise that their life has happened while they were waiting for it to start.”


Yes, Portofino is vastly different to the small Italian coastal town of “The Whore’s Crack” where Jess Walter’s novel is set, but a spritz of this modern take on a classic cologne (it reminds me a little of the German 4711) will have you wanting to dive off the cliffs and into the deep blue Mediterranean sea regardless. With Neroli, bergamot, lemon and a touch of lavender and amber, it’s zingy, refreshing, and at the same time hot hot hot.


BONJOUR TRISTESSE by Francoise Sagan meet CARVEN LE PARFUM by Carven

“And then one day things came to a head. In the morning my father announced that he would like to go to Cannes that evening to dance at the casino and perhaps gamble as well….. As soon as dinner was over I went up to my room to put on an evening frock, the only one I possessed by the way.  It had been chosen by my father , and was made of an exotic material, probably too exotic for a girl of my age, but my father, either from inclination or habit, liked to give me a veneer of sophistication.”


The House of Carven was founded in 1945 by the diminutive Madame Carven who designed “couture clothes with an off the rack feel”;  she also gave us two world class fragrances, Ma Griffe and Vetiver.  Francois Kurkidjan’s new perfume for the house is perfect for young pretty girls who want a veneer of sophistication; it’s packed with mandarin blossom, sweet peas, jasmine and ylang yang, with sandalwood, osmanthus and Indonesian patchouli underpinning it.


CIDER WITH ROSIE by Laurie Lee meet EAU DE CAMPAGNE by Sisley

“The June grass amongst which I stood, was taller than I was, and I wept.  I had never been so close to grass before.  It towered above me and all around me, each blade tattooed with tiger-skins of sunlight…”


Couldn’t resist it.  If like me the smell of cut grass caught on the breeze brings you straight back to childhood, English lawns, the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass of Pimms and the ping pong of tennis balls being whacked to and fro, (I was never any good at tennis), then Sisley’s Eau de Campagne is for you. Created by Jean Claude Ellena in 1974, this sharp, fresh, and very green cologne is an essential item for any self-respecting perfume enthusiast, male and female alike.

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