Sync or Swim

Staring for the umpteenth time at my by-line in US Vogue’s April issue – my first-ever so you can forgive me a moment’s excitement even if it was only a teeny-tiny piece – my eyes glanced upwards at the far more interesting piece written by Kayleen Schaeffer on synchronised swimming which is all the rage at pool parties in LA apparently. Oh how we used to laugh, my kids and I, as we practised our own version in the blow-up plastic pool one summer in France. But judging by Schaeffer’s piece, and by my own recent experience at the Haymarket Hotel at a launch event in honour of world-renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley, synchronised swimmers may be having the last laugh. They’re cool again. You hear me? COOL. Kingsley invented Swimcap, his protective leave-in hair conditioner after ¬†watching a US synchronised swim team at work, so it was only apt that he entertained press with a performance by Aquabatix . Here’s a clip of their show. My kids will be relieved I can’t locate the footage of them doing it a few summer’s ago…

Sync or Swim from kathleen baird-murray on Vimeo.

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