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Not Disclosing Anything
Monday May 9th – Dover Street
Two big beauty launches this week – Victoria Beckham’s new line of cosmetics in conjunction with Estee Lauder, and one other exclusive launch for which I visited Grasse, which is very exciting – and guess what, I’m not allowed to talk about either of them. I can of course, see the reasoning behind this – but it’s amazing how used we’ve become to divulging information on a social media channel of our choosing, and how frustrating it suddenly seems not to have that right any more, even temporarily. But maybe the Non-Disclosure Agreement is finally a thing in itself? Is dishing out your very own NDA, the sign that you’ve truly arrived, so to speak? As a friend and fellow colleague quipped, “Rather than be annoyed, we should emulate them, and send our own ahead of every meeting, then sit in stony silence until the signed documents are handed over. After all, if you can’t beat ’em….”

Hot Stuff
Bought Christa D’Souza’s new book, “The Hot Topic” and devoured it in one sitting. (I stress the word “bought” because as any author knows it is really important you buy your friend’s books! Even if you end up giving them to Oxfam, just please go out and buy them, as it’s almost impossible to shift enough copies to make any money from all that hard work, so just view it as a charitable act and buy buy buy..! Which is not to say that the purchase of Christas’s was a charitable act. Anything but – having read it I know she’s going to sell shed-loads). I’m so glad she wrote this book and I intend to use it as my peri-menopausal Bible now that I’m in my late 40s. I have friends taking HRT, friends on “bio-identicals”; friends battling through it without taking anything. Christa’s book explores all the options in her usual warm, self-deprecating and quick-witted way, and demands we start to re-think the way we look at this stage of life. She quotes Aarathi Prasad, a geneticist and molecular biologist, who says: “We want women to study, have careers, be in boardrooms like men, but women sill have to do all this during what is the most fertile period of their life. So if we are going to live longer, healthier lives after what is now our natural reproductive life, we are going to need changes.”

Green Fingers
Friday 13th May – Chanel
Chanel nail polish – the best colours, the best packaging, and on Friday, a manicure to show press the new colours for spring/summer. Sometimes people complain the polish chips but I can honestly say I’ve never had this problem, perhaps because I always use a Chanel base coat as well. I always go with the colour that first grabs my eye – this time a dark green, 536 Emeraude, out later this month. I spent the weekend planting four vegetable patches (my tips: find a gardening friend and get them to help, it’s back-breaking; invest in good plant labels, you’re going to be looking at them for a long time and when the borlotti beans fail to materialise you will at least know what your intentions were, and thirdly, if any part of you has had an eye on an expensive dress for a while but couldn’t justify the expense, BUY THE SODDING DRESS! you will end up spending the same on the veg patch but no one tells you this stuff, they make out that you’ll have a dozen friends with allotments who will give you free plants, and someone else who happens to have four sleepers sitting in their back yard just doing nothing, and guess what, you won’t, and that’s before you even get to the cost of topsoil which when bought in bulk is expensive…Obviously ask me again in July/August/September when I am serving up my beautiful, fresh veg and feeling slightly more positive). Anyway, I’m telling you all this because despite lifting heavy spades full of soil into my new raised beds all weekend, my Chanel green is looking just as good as it did when first applied. Which is important because after all that toil and trouble, you need a bit of glamour at your fingertips.

See you next week!

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