My Flamant Wish-List


My brother Rupert has opened a new Flamant store in London”s Westbourne Grove, at number 176. (Tel; 020 7221 5567)   The kids and I popped up on Sunday to have a mosey, and I”ve obligingly picked out a few things for my Christmas wish-list should Rupert wish to give up several months” wages and purchase them for me. He”s generous like that..

Here goes:


1) The Flamant bath-mat.  Wooden tiles interlinked, could double up as a play-thing for a small child as it”s satisfyingly tactile.


2. Mariage Freres Happy Queen tea: I”m gifting this to all my gay friends.  Actually I”m not, as it”s too expensive.  But look how jolly that pink is!  How slots could you be anything but happy with this tea?


3. Flamant Antler Chandeliers: because one day I will have a chalet in the Alps and the courage to swing from the ceiling.


4. Flamant comfy swingy-chair: my daughter here – Manu –  effortlessly demonstrates how super-comfortable this chair is.  She looks blurred because she was swinging so fast. It”s a “do not disturb” sort of chair, for reading a good book in your study.


5) Flamant”s super large sofa: because I like to watch tv horizontal.



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