Morocco Calling..


I’ve been following the design duo Clements Ribeiro on Instagram and loving all their pictures of Morocco.  Then a friend’s house was put up for rental – Lagoon Lodge, again, more stunning pictures and I wish I could visit right now.

But if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, you have to bring the mountain to Mohammed.  We brought a little Morocco to NW10 yesterday, painting a wall in the garden a bright Majorelle blue, immediately uplifting and a bargain, at £23 for a pot of paint from NuLine.

And today, look what arrived in the post from My Beauty Emporium: Katim’A Stardust Body Oil, a dry Argan oil enriched with enough shimmering particles to rock any Kasbah.  It doesn’t reek of coconut, like most others, and a little goes a long way – a dab on your décolleté being most effective when wearing one’s kaftan.


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