Dear Gwen Stefani…




My daughter Manu is 12.  Just.  She has a whole host of perfumes she plays with, my cast-offs, the ones with lids like ginormous plastic flowers, or that come with a free gilt charm bracelet, the ones which I’m sure must be aimed at teens and pre-teens, they can’t be aimed at grown-ups can they?  She spots the Jiffy bags arriving in the post full of glass and plastic  – samples all – and makes a bee-line for them, unable to resist.  I let her have them, then one spritz later, immediately regret it.  They smell insufferable, overpoweringly sweet and sickly.

With one exception.  Harajuku Lovers Super G, a celebrity fragrance  launched by Gwen Stefani.  It’s an eau de toilette,light enough that we’re not all floored after one spritz, and deliciously fruity and floral. I love that it’s not like all those other celebrity fragrances, Gwen’s endorsement/involvement is not too heavy-handed, it’s unusually not overtly sexual, it’s just fun, and I sometimes think there isn’t enough fun around for young girls. Or old girls – did I say I like to wear it myself? Next week I have an invitation for three celebrity fragrances – Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, but I’m not into any of those.  I don’t want my daughter to be, either.

What exactly does it smell like? Here’s how one fan put it, on the website Fragrantica:

“It smells basically like (artificial) banana, tangerine, and pineapple. The banana is what adds the sweetness. There’s some coconut but it’s subtle, not like “WOAH coconut.” More like, “Ohh, sweet coconut. Mmmm juice-aay.”

Manu went through the whole bottle and I ordered some more on-line.

Writing this blog, I thought it would be great to include it.  I’ve overlooked it in the past because, well, the bottle is a bit on the young side?

I email the PR.  Any chance of an interview with Gwen?  Or even the nose?  And who is the nose?

Back comes the reply:

“Dear Kathleen

Very sorry but unfortunately Coty no longer have the license for Harajuku Lovers/Gwen Stefani fragrances.  I believe they have now been discontinued as well.  Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”


Gwen. I’m sorry.  I should have written about them sooner.  We ALL should have written about them sooner.  Super G was great.  It’s just what young women need.  A super-heroine, flying through the sky, smelling of bananas and pineapples and tangerines.

Please say it isn’t so.




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