5 Blogs about Perfume, day 4: Oranges are not the only fruit.. except when they are



Recipe for Lyn Harris’s Orange Presse:

Squeeze the juice of six oranges and one lemon and pour into a glass (careful of the pips!)

Add ice and enjoy in the garden on a hot summer’s day.

NB: In the not unlikely event that a hot summer’s day will not be with us for a while, may I suggest you liberally spritz Miller Harris’s brand spanking new fragrance Le Petit Grain liberally over body and home.  It’s a family cologne made in honour of the humble orange tree, from which Lyn takes the oil from the peel of the fruit, neroli oil from the flowers, petitgrain from the leaves, and eau de brouts absolute, which also comes from the leaves.  It’s enhanced with angelica, bergamot from Italy, Sicilian lemons, some rosemary, thyme, tarragon and lavender, and set on a base of oak moss, vetiver and patchouli. Spritz it on and drink it up.  (The orange presse, that is.  Don’t drink the perfume).



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